Katelynn Conlon

Katelynn Conlon

Content Marketing Executive

Katelynn Conlon is a Content Marketing Specialist at ContentLEAD. After graduating from Babson College, she pursued a career in marketing and now gets her kicks from helping small businesses charm Googlebots.

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Why partner with a marketing team that’s Google Analytics certified?

If you’re investing in content marketing to build your business, you should partner with an agency that’s Google Analytics certified. Here’s why:

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How to define a “goal conversion” for your business website

Small business owners need to establish goals to determine how their websites are helping them reach their business goals.

It’s time to start planning your 2015 marketing plan – but how?

You may know what boxes you need to check off to create a 2015 marketing plan – but how can you create a solid calendar that will support your strategy throughout the year?

How to use phone tracking analytics to inform your web marketing strategy

Small businesses can use phone tracking analytics to learn more about their marketing success.

It’s all about the customer: 3 content marketing takeaways from #INBOUND14

Content Marketing Executive Katelynn Conlon shares three important lessons from INBOUND14 about building content marketing strategies with customers in mind.

Watch your website’s bounce rate (Video)

Got high traffic and low conversion rates? You might need to take a closer look at your website’s bounce rate.

You don’t need keyword metatags (Video)

You might think you can outsmart Google by sneaking more keywords onto your webpages, but you’re probably wasting your time.

Expand your LinkedIn profile (Video)

LinkedIn keeps professionals connected and helps provide potential customers with more information about your business.

With social media, show there’s a real person (Video)

Different social platforms require different voices, so convince your followers that you’re a real person with this handy guide.

The right landing page layout helps drive conversions (Video)

When every element of a landing page is in the right place, visitors to your website are more likely to become customers.