High-quality content is judged on authority, utility & presentation


Small business owners need to keep three important web marketing elements in mind when publishing content online: Authority, usefulness and design.

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Who are you selling to? An illustrated guide to creating Facebook ads


Don’t know where to start with Facebook ads? Use this illustrated guide to learn how to start finding a targeted content audience on social media.

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What do Google’s updates to Local Pages mean for your SMB? (Video)


Google recently updated some of its guidelines for Local Pages, which show up in search results and help customers find business’ physical locations.

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Infographic: Your Content Marketing Guide to Better Results in 2015

CL 2015 marketing eBook

This infographic gives statistics about the biggest trends impacting small businesses’ web marketing campaigns for 2015.

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How to keep a marketing New Year’s resolution for ongoing success


Whether you want more leads or to improve your site’s traffic, New Year’s resolutions are hard to stick with. That is, unless you know how to stay strong in 2015.

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How to get more sales out of content in 2015


It’s important to plan ahead for next year’s marketing strategy, but you should also maximize sales during peak times of year.

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How does dark social media affect small business marketing? (Video)


It’s hard enough to quantify social media marketing activity, but dark social media can contribute a lot of traffic without providing the usual helpful metrics.

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What are the fastest-growing social marketing channels (Video)


Small business owners who are pursuing niche audiences and unique customers should pay careful attention to social channels popular with readers.

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It’s time to start planning your 2015 marketing plan – but how?


You may know what boxes you need to check off to create a 2015 marketing plan – but how can you create a solid calendar that will support your strategy throughout the year?

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Penguin was updated three times in one week – What you need to know


Google updated its Penguin algorithm three times in one week during the holiday season. What does it mean for small business marketers?

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