How to measure brand awareness: 4 methods for SMBs (Video)

Small businesses need to build brands to stand out online, and this is how they can measure it.

Small businesses need to build brands to stand out online with smart marketing strategies, and they can measure them with these web metrics:

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3 ways to use graphics to achieve online branding (Video)

Small businesses can build their brands with custom graphic design.

Small businesses need to build their brands and graphic design work can create a strong visual message for audiences.

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Content marketing tactics to make your business more successful online

Small businesses can use these two types of content to build their web marketing success.

Some content marketing formats are more effective tools for small businesses. Find out what will make your company stand out online.

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How small businesses can use the web for brand awareness (Video)

Tips for small businesses to build brand awareness with content marketing.

Small businesses should be creating website content to build their brands online. Here are three formats we recommend:

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What should you be blogging about? (Video)

Here's what small businesses should be blogging about to see success online.

Small businesses should be publishing blog content, and they need to build their content calendars strategically to promote variety.

2 kinds of content marketing small businesses should create

Two types of content for marketing success

Written website content is a solid foundation for small businesses’ web marketing strategies because they’re highly effective.

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The best content for B2C marketing (Video)

Small business B2Cs should be producing emails and social content.

Social media content and email blasts are the two best content marketing formats for small businesses.

The best web content for B2B sales (Video)

There are certain kinds of content SMBs should create to generate sales online.

A study found B2Bs that want to be effective with marketing should produce white papers and other long-form content.

Building an online community is important for social media marketing

Small businesses can build community through social media marketing.

Social media marketing is a way for small businesses to build community online. Here are four ways it helps:

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1-min guide to getting content in Google’s Knowledge Graph

Small businesses can improve their SEO presence by optimizing for the Knowledge Graph.

Google is now showing more content in the Knowledge Graph and SMBs need to know how to optimize for SEO in 2015.

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