Blogging helps SMBs attract social media followers (Video)

Small businesses can use content marketing strategies for social media success.

Blogging is a marketing best practice that can help your business really grow its social media presence – we’re explaining how in this video.

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Tips to reach your online marketing goals in 2015 (Video)

There's still time to make 2015 more profitable for your business - here are our tips!

Here are some of the best ways to reach your small business’ content marketing goals in 2015.

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2 Signs it’s time for an online marketing strategy change (Video)

Do you need a content marketing strategy change? Here are tips to evaluate your results.

At the halfway point in 2015, it’s smart to step back and look at your results. Emily Clark is offering some signs you need to revise your strategy for more success.

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Conduct a web marketing check up for better 2015 results (Video)

We recommend that businesses check in halfway through the year to see how their web marketing is paying off.

3 Questions to ask yourself halfway through 2015 to diagnose whether your efforts are paying off, or if it’s time to recalibrate your web marketing goals.

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How to use YouTube marketing for successful video strategies (Video)

How to use YouTube for successful videos

To get the best value from your investment in video content, you should be distributing them on social networks like YouTube – here’s how:

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For best results, make your video marketing user friendly! (Video)

A key to video marketing success is to make the content easy to find and use.

If you want to see results with video marketing, you need to make your content easy to find and use. Here are my tips for successful content strategies.

How small businesses can get started with video marketing (Video)

Small businesses should produce video content to get better results from their websites.

Video has been the spotlight of the content marketing world for a couple of years now – here’s why it should be part of your online strategy.

1-minute guide to sizing images on social media (Video)

Visual content can help businesses stand out on social media.

Here’s a quick sizing guide to optimize visual content for distribution on social media channels.

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Tip: Use GIFs in your online marketing! (Video)

Companies should use GIFs in their content to add dynamism and spark engagement.

GIFs are a great way to spice up your web marketing with visuals that bring concepts to life. Here’s why you should add them to your social media strategy:

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How to improve social media marketing success with images (Video)

Small businesses can improve their online marketing results by adding visuals to their social media networks.

Pictures help companies stand out and engage people who are looking for information online, which is why images are vital for web marketing results.

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