Content marketing for regulated fields: How to write for the medical industry

Companies in the medical industry can safely create content for their websites when they follow best practices.

Medical companies can create blog content without issue when they are careful about the claims they make.

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Infographic: Anatomy of the email marketing message

Anatomy of an email message

This infographic looks at the anatomy of an effective email marketing message for the most successful small business content marketing campaigns in 2015.

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​81% of small businesses lose time & money by doing their own marketing​

A study found most small businesses do marketing on their own, but they might be losing money by not outsourcing to experts.

Most small business owners could alleviate their biggest challenge (lack of time) by redistributing marketing activities to other employees or outside agencies.

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Content marketing in a regulated industry: Avoid confusion with disclaimers

How to use disclaimers to avoid risk when publishing blog content in regulated fields.

Small businesses in highly regulated fields can benefit from blog content when they’re transparent with information by using disclaimers.

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How to define a “goal conversion” for your business website

Here are our tips for defining goal conversions for your website using content analytics.

Small business owners need to establish goals to determine how their websites are helping them reach their business goals.

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Best small business marketing tools? Happy customers & emails

Small businesses may find their best marketing tools are happy customers and emails.

Small business owners say email marketing is one of the most effective marketing approaches for reaching customers.

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Content marketing in a regulated industry: Tips for smart resourcing (Video)

Small businesses can create blog content, even if they work in regulated fields.

Businesses in highly regulated industries can still capture the benefits of content marketing when they exercise caution around the assets they create.

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Twitter “While you were away” feature makes social content easy to find

A new Twitter feature helps marketers reach social audiences with content.

Twitter introduced a new feature called “While you were away” that makes it easier for followers to see your social media content.

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Inspiring small business content campaigns of 2014

Small business marketing inspiration

Small businesses that want to be successful online in 2015 can learn from these 10 inspiring examples of content marketing campaigns.

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Business owners will invest in marketing tech in 2015 (Video)


Investing in marketing technology may sound like a big deal, but small contributions can have a huge impact on a small business’ lead generation and sales.

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