The United States Postal Service recently announced its plan to eliminate Saturday deliveries. The change will affect small businesses that depend on direct mail for marketing communications and sparking weekend shopping with direct content. American business owners must swiftly identify similar avenues they can use to remain consistent in audience engagement.

Several studies suggest that email marketing may be the solution, and SMBs will find a lot of the same concepts that go into direct mail marketing can translate into email best practices.

HubSpot CTRIn a study conducted by ExactTarget called “Marketers From Mars,” email proved its worth and showed impressive results. For example, 93 percent of marketers have purchased products or services as direct results of email content. This shows that B2Bs targeting decision makers at other company might increase conversion rates through email marketing. B2Cs can see similar benefits when they proactively develop email marketing campaigns. Americans with and without smartphones have also purchased products as a direct result of email content.

As for when to send content to prospects via email, HubSpot suggests waiting until the weekend. In a blog post, contributor Dan Zarrella noted that emails sent on Saturdays and Sundays have higher clickthrough rates than those issued during the business week.

While the U.S. Postal Service may be forced to downsize, small business owners don’t have to suffer. Switching from direct mail marketing to email marketing can help any company remain on its feet, and custom content that compels readers to respond works across all mediums.