Sending email content at specific times helps small businesses improve email marketing campaigns.

A report from Knotice found that 27 percent of all emails are opened on mobile devices, such as smartphones, which are quickly becoming the most frequently used handsets in the U.S. For small business owners, more prospects opening emails on mobile devices means content has to be fresh (for constant inbox checking that happens on-the-go) and websites must be fully accessible to for these users. 

SMBs in retail, in general, have seen the most success with email marketing, according to Knotice. Consumers open more than 35 percent of the messages they receive from these companies. However, SMBs must take notice of this activity and use their email marketing campaigns effectively.

Many believe that consumers open emails on mobile phones, before returning to their desktops to click-through and make any purchases. This was the case for just 2.39 percent of messages, Knotice found. Mobile-friendly websites with fresh content are important to engaging audiences who click through from email campaigns.

Still, the greatest challenge for SMBs with the rise of mobile email is creating content most likely to draw clicks. According to Knotice, email click-throughs from mobile devices have remained stagnant despite increased open rates.

ContentLEAD recently reported original editorial content is among the most trusted forms of marketing for more than half of the consumers. Pairing high-caliber content with email campaigns, which are trusted by exactly 50 percent of Americans, could help companies increase open rates, click-throughs and conversions.