SMBs will see better Twitter marketing ROI when they time their Tweets just right.

Small businesses considering the launch of a social media marketing campaigns have even greater motivation to make the move with the announcement that Twitter hit 500 million users at some time Wednesday afternoon.

The microblogging website has steadily added users in recent months, along with new profile designs for both consumers and businesses using the site. The updates – and growing user base – make Twitter marketing an ideal method of social outreach.

With 500 million users, Twitter moves a little closer to Facebook, by far the channel’s leader with more than 850 million active accounts.

Twopcharts first reported the milestone, while other websites have since said it will come a little later than first expected. Regardless, implementing Twitter as part of a social media marketing strategy is now more valuable than ever. Moreover, the launch of branded pages for small businesses using the microblogging website affords companies more flexibility with their social campaigns.

ContentLEAD recently detailed the changes resulting from the launch of branded pages. Among the most important is the ability for businesses to add more visual content. Since photos are now visible on Twitter itself, images no longer force users to navigate to another page.