More Americans have entered the housing market, and small businesses in real estate and related industries need to act quickly to appeal to prospective home buyers. According to a study from, 11 percent of Americans said they are likely to start the process of buying a home as a result of an improving market.

As interest in an industry increases, it’s important for companies within it to stay ahead of competitors with their marketing strategies. Developing original website content paired with an SEO campaign helps small businesses gradually build a stronger presence in search.’s Stephanie Rahlfs said that consumers feel better about the housing market and are no longer delaying their decisions to purchase a home.

Real estate companies should take this as their cue to develop website content that educates consumers about buying and owning a home. The presence of original, relevant information on a site can convey a strong message that helps concerned buyers feel at ease.

Like any other industry, real estate agencies need to build trust with their customers, and engaging website content can establish it. In general, making consumers feel safer with a purchase or a company requires a strong reputation and active presence on the web or in other industry communication portals. Contentlead recently cited a report from that found 80 percent of consumers are more likely to work with a company when it earns their trust.