If a consumer has a question about a company, product or service, or is just curious about an industry, he or she might pose a question on a social site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. According to new research from Socialbakers, a company that analyzes trends on social media platforms, companies are answering more questions on Facebook than ever before. Not only are they responding to queries faster, but they’re doing it more often, too. Brands that find themselves supporting customers and clients may have found Facebook and Twitter can make everyone happy.

According to Socialbakers, Facebook is seeing a lot of questions – 55 percent get answered, up from 30 percent in Q2 of 2012, and there is still room for improvement. It took an average of 20.9 hours for brands to respond to a Facebook post in Q2 of 2012. In Q4, that number had fallen to 13.7 hours, proving that social carehas become a top priority. Brands looking to gain an edge on their competition may consider bolstering their social media networks so that customers are able to make inquiries, suggestions and recommendations.

Answering these types of questions is good for customer satisfaction. If clients feel they can connect with companies and get the responses they’re looking for, they’re more likely to stay loyal and make new purchases.