Aunt Jemima's Facebook campaign is catching lots of Likes.

Aunt Jemima may be best known for maple syrup, but the company sees itself as more of a frozen breakfast brand, and it recently shared the story of its pancakes with Facebook fans. The company is seeing great success with its latest Facebook campaign, which takes users through the step-by-step process used to make its breakfast treats, complete with a coupon to try its pancakes.

The Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast Facebook Page welcomes users with a direct call to action, instructing them to “Click Like to see how our pancakes are made and enjoy breakfast on us.” Once fans Like the brand, they are taken to a video explaining how the company's frozen pancakes are made.

The company lets employees tell the story of its pancakes, from the batter being created “with the same ingredients in [their own kitchens]” to the packaging consumers find on the shelves. The video deconstructs the frozen pancakes to assure fans that they are made from scratch.

Then, the company's social media team continues the story by engaging users on its wall. As people “Like” the video or share their stories of Aunt Jemima, the brand responds with insightful comments. When a user named “Jemima” explains, “My mom told me she got my name from [your] product …,” the brand continues her story with, “Wow! We wonder if our pancakes were one her faves during her pregnancy….hmmmm :-)”

The video content and promotional coupon seem to have paid off, as the company's Frozen Breakfast Page has more than 38,000 fans at press time. Plus, the brand explains it had thousands of coupon sign-ups in the first hour of releasing the campaign.

One mistake Aunt Jemima made was failing to update its promotion, instead reposting the same video and (outdated) coupon link. It was only after one frustrated consumer inquired as to why she didn't receive her coupon for free pancakes that an official explained the deal had been switched to a $1 discount for two boxes.

Clearly, the campaign was a success, as the spokesperson explains via the wall, “We did offer a free coupon last Thursday while supplies lasted – and as you can imagine we had thousands sign up within the first hour, and that's when we switched over to the $1 off two coupon.”

But failure to update information about the Facebook deal cost the company some fans, with one user saying, “Liking the brand was misleading … how are we going to enjoy a batch on you? By paying full price and using a $1 off coupon – that is misleading to be honest.” Her comment is well-Liked by other users.

The takeaway for marketers should be that engaging, storytelling content combined with promotional offers is a great way to attract fans, and content must be frequently updated in order to maintain social users' interest. A recent report from Exact Target reveals that more than one-third of social users (38 percent) stop following brands on Facebook because the content becomes repetitive.