SMBs must adjust thieir marketing efforts to reflect a changing funnel.

Businesses trying to decide on the best ways to find new customers online may want to consider results shared in Research and Markets’ new ebook, 10 Content Marketing Success Stories. The report emphasizes that content marketing is driving leads and sales for a number of B2B businesses.

In the ebook, the organization explains the unique success stories of business-to-business firms, including one case where content marketing increased organic traffic 191 percent. Another firm saw more than 5,000 unique blog visiters per month.

In addition to garnering traffic, content has helped these businesses acquire customers. Seventy percent of new business for one B2B company is generated by its blog. Another boasts 16 percent conversion rates from a webinar.

While the ebook costs a pretty penny to download, these statistics speak for themselves about the value of high-quality content marketing in engaging customers. Plus, the case studies show that content fuels SEO, with one business reporting a 300 percent improvement in its website rankings thanks to content.

Similarly, ContentLEAD has reported that content is now a top SEO tactic among businesses across industries. Ninety-two percent of businesses say content marketing is effective for search engine optimization.