SMBs can now get their social media content in the same circles as industry leaders and famous professionals.

HootSuite recently announced that it has integrated LinkedIn into its social media dashboard, allowing small businesses using social media marketing to monitor their LinkedIn presence without navigating away from HootSuite. This simplifies the creation of social content and could result in more SMBs opting to use the network.

HootSuite already offers integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, so the addition of LinkedIn was only a matter of time. According to LinkedIn, there are currently more than 2 million companies of varying sizes using the platform for marketing. Moreover, ContentLEAD reported in February that LinkedIn has more than 150 million user accounts, and the site has inevitably grown since.

For SMBs, a presence on LinkedIn can help generate greater visibility on the web among both consumers and other businesses. As it continues to grow in terms of both business profiles and professional profiles, its value to SMBs will advance further.

Additionally, the company recently announced that it has added targeted status updates to its offerings for both Company Pages and consumer profiles.

In its release, LinkedIn said that users are following more businesses on the site for reasons beyond potential employment. Sixty-seven percent of users said they monitor Company Pages to learn more about the industry. Sixty-one percent said they enjoy seeing news updates from businesses, while 49 percent do so to interact with the business.Pullquote

Despite growing interest from people using the site, some SMBs turning to LinkedIn as part of a social media marketing strategy may want to tailor certain updates to specific portions of their followers. With targeted updates, small business owners can share content on the site aimed at different types of profiles and ensure that it meets the correct audience. Additionally, some content may not be ideal for each follower, and targeted status updates safeguard SMBs against sending irrelevant updates and content to some users.

LinkedIn has also added insights to its capability to enable SMBs to gauge the effectiveness of different strategies on the platform. For any web marketing strategy, it’s critical that changes be made as certain strategies succeed and others fail.

Recently, ContentLEAD highlighted a study from Google that found the use of analytics allowed a business to improve the conversion rate of its web marketing effort by more than 30 percent. As certain trends emerge, SMBs must be able to adjust their campaigns to optimize for success.