Bing recently urged SMBs to understand their target audience and create content that reaches them.

Much like its search partner Yahoo did earlier this week, Bing has rolled out changes to its image search pages that could help small businesses including photos in their visual content boost visibility. According to Bing, the changes are aimed at ensuring that users find the visual content look for.

Among the adjustments that can help SMBs are a filtering tool that makes suggestions for related searches based on contextual searches. When a user searches for the name of a town, they’ll receive a series of suggestions aimed at clarifying their search.

SMBs using images as part of a content marketing campaign have seen interest in their sites and content increase. Aside from a stronger look provided by images versus text, optimized supporting content, such as the photo title and caption, provides an SEO boost that will help a site stand out in both image and standard search.

Visual content also improves social media marketing efforts for SMBs, as Facebook and Twitter campaigns often see more engagement from posts with attached images. ContentLEAD reported in the past that Likes and shares of Facebook content nearly double when images are included.