Outsourcing content marketing is helping marketers save time.

According to Awareness Networks’ 2012 State of Social Media Marketing report, blog content marketing is an increasingly popular tool for small business owners with extensive experience on the web. As SMBs grow or entrepreneurs with greater web marketing fluency launch their campaigns, many understand the value of a well-written, informative blog in promoting brand awareness and business growth.

According to Awareness, 91 percent of companies defined as “experienced” are currently using or will soon launch a blog as part of their overall strategy. While other channels are also expected to see increased investment from SMBs with advanced web efforts, blog content allows organizations a chance to appeal to their prospects on multiple levels.

Original site content provides SMBs a chance to build their visibility on the web as high-quality articles build indexed pages and win inbound links. Moreover, the informative and engaging posts give prospects a reason to return to the site as they begin to view the SMB as an industry authority.

ContentLEAD has noted the growing trend of rapid-growth companies using blogs to fuel web visibility and online leads. Awareness Networks’ report confirms that entrepreneurs with experience in web marketing are actively creating blog content, and demonstrates the value of content marketing for small business owners looking to expand their presence on the web.

Establishing trust with prospects through website content can help SMBs guide them toward conversion more effectively. ContentLEAD recently highlighted a report from About.com that found 84 percent of consumers will not make a purchase from a company they do not trust. Moreover, 85 percent said their trust in a business improves when the company makes efforts to educate them.