Blog marketing has boosted one legal firm's business.

One lawyer makes a pretty strong case for blog marketing. Bruce Stern of the law firm Stark & Stark shared some insight with the Lex Blog Network on how his blog posts have helped him market his practice.

Stern explains that he established the Traumatic Brain Injury Law Blog to post news and information related to brain injuries. By showing off his knowledge on this subject, he has been able to promote himself as a lawyer who can represent those making related personal injury claims.

Stern says he has developed a strong readership for his blog through informational posts. It seems finding online readers has translated into finding leads.

He explains that “publishing timely and topic-specific information has expanded my referral network and my exposure to local and national media outlets.” It helps that the blog has a nice link to Stark & Stark's “Brain Injury Lawyers” so readers can easily solicit the services of Stern and others at his firm.

Businesses across industries can use blogs for similar success this year – and it seems many intend to do so. An eMarketer survey indicates that nearly half of small businesses (43 percent) will use marketing blogs by 2012.