Facebook reaches about 1 billion monthly active users and is the largest social media network in the world. Because of Facebook’s wide reach, small business owners and others are rejoicing about tools on the social network that help them edge ahead of their competition.

Facebook’s Promoted Posts have been used by 500,000 brand pages, indicating that a multitude of brands are jumping on board. MarketingLand recently reported that Facebook representatives have been talking of the success of Promoted Posts, which allows brands to pay to highlight certain messages. Businesses still have to create original Facebook content to feature as Promoted Posts, but the volume of repeat business users suggests most companies see return on paid promotion for their organic Facebook updates.The news source spoke with Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, who said that 30 percent of Promoted Posts come from first-time business users, while 70 percent are repeat customers.

Social media content is an excellent way to reach loyal and prospective customers. Strategies tailored to Facebook may be particularly successful because of how many use the network and constant efforts to improve their B2B and B2C offerings. Promoted Posts, Branded Pages and PPC ads are just some of the ways that Facebook gives a leg up to brands and companies looking to reach a larger audience.

Contentlead recently reported on Facebook’s launch of a new feature that will help businesses understand and act on content ROI. The self-serve conversion measurement and optimization tool will assist marketers in identifying where their campaigns blossom, and where they go astray.