Small businesses have a lot to consider when developing a website to drive sales.

It’s not uncommon for small businesses to have fairly young social media marketing campaigns, with BtoB Magazine reporting that 35 percent launched their efforts in the last two years. However, a survey from BtoB also found that fledgling social strategies are frequently evolving, and SMBs that fail to keep their social presences fresh may fall behind their competitors.

According to BtoB, 35 percent of respondents said they plan to integrate LinkedIn into their social strategies. Most SMBs can find value with the platform, but those in the B2B sector see even greater benefits given the ability to connect with both prospective employees and potential business partners.

Moreover, 20 percent said they plan to include blog marketing in their campaigns moving forward. High-quality posts position a company as an authority in its industry while also improving search rankings. Prospect engagement can also see a lift as users return to the site to access new information via updated website content.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents said that increased use of social and content marketing have helped breed familiarity with their prospects. As more people interact with a company on different channels, they grow accustomed to the business and more likely to become customers.

Social media marketing is more prevalent than ever before, and SMBs are developing best practices for their campaigns. However, ContentLEAD recently reported that many companies are still using methods that repel prospects AYTM Market Research found that SMB social accounts frequently share content that their friends and followers find irrelevant.