Finding the location of SMBs with Bing may've gotten easier with the integration of Yelp.

More than 30 percent of consumers who receive automobile content view it weekly, and an additional 21 percent do so daily, Millennial Media found in recent market research.

Creative and engaging content marketing campaigns represent a simple way for businesses to drive conversions. However, those in the automobile industry have a growing audience to target, Millennial’s data shows. While businesses across sectors are seeing great value from the development of engaging content, automotive consumers and enthusiasts have demonstrated an increased desire for quality, industry information as they make purchase decisions.

Beyond supplying readers with information, original content can help businesses drive traffic through a well-developed SEO strategy.

Adjustments to major search engine ranking methods have rewarded websites that publish original, interesting content that draws reader attention. Businesses within the automotive industry, whether large dealerships or small car audio repair shops, can use new SEO strategies to drive traffic and engagement, which can translate into leads.

One unique aspect of the automotive industry is the diversity of target audiences according to different services from a single company. However, businesses can leverage this by developing content and campaigns aimed at each demographic.

ContentLEAD recently reported that customizing content marketing material to specific audiences is critical to the success of a campaign. For some, this can be a difficult feat, but working with skilled content writers familiar with SEO can make the process less troublesome.