Facebook marketing campaigns for small businesses must evolve as the platform does.

Facebook offers access to more than 700 million consumers, and marketers should remember that closely targeted content marketing via the social giant can help them find a large pool of convertible fans. EMarketer’s recent webinar, Strategies for Turning Likes Into Loyalty, offers some insight on effective Facebook marketing, and it showcases a Chef Boyardee case study that proves targeted social marketing can create site visitors.

According to the report, Chef Boyardee used Facebook to reach moms who are interested in tricks for pleasing “picky eaters.” The company wanted to be seen as a resource on nutritional information and to encourage moms to visit its related site, ClubMum.net. It posts frequent Facebook updates, ranging from recipes and news updates about the fight against hunger to spotlight posts about the moms who participate in the club.

While the content is varied, the posts consistently cater to the voice and perspective of moms. One recent update jokingly asks, “Is anyone else ready for summer break to be over?” Dozens of moms Liked or commeted on the wall post, making remarks about the challenges of having little ones home all day.

The campaign is proving a success in engaging this segment of Chef Boyardee’s customers. In the first six months, the Facebook profile drove 1.3 million visits to the ClubMum.net site (now all of this traffic is directed back to the Facebook page). Additionally, the company generated more than 29,000 Likes by July 2011 – and the interaction and engagement on the site make clear that many fans are buying Chef Boyardee products to feed their children (and themselves).

Marketers should take this as a sign that creating content that appeals to the informational needs of consumers can go a long way in engaging online audiences. Moreover, social channels are key to content distribution and driving site traffic. Facebook may be particularly valuable: The same eMarketer report reveals that 80 percent of consumers cite the channel as their platform of choice for engaging brands online.

This case study is just one of many recent reports indicating that Facebook marketing is good for lead generation. ContentLEAD recently reported that one business startup found Facebook drives 10 percent of overall traffic to its site.