Every Facebook marketing campaigns is different, but these insights and statistics can be used to inform them all.

Valentine's Day is a time for expressing love, but AT&T's holiday Facebook campaign is generating a lot of Likes. AT&T's “Shout your love from a mountaintop” campaign lets consumers speak directly to the brand (and to one another) as AT&T creates content customized for fans.

AT&T's Facebook Page brings users to its “Shout from the mountain” page. Users can submit their “shouts” – or love messages – via a text field on the page. Then, these messages are sent to AT&T's mountain men (actors). The mountain men literally shout fans' messages while AT&T documents the shouting via video and broadcasts it on the campaign page.

The campaign started last Thursday, and this Valentine's Day, the mountain men are shouting messages all day long. At press time, users submitted 7,662 messages and counting (it seems more messages are being uploaded by the minute). Just in case users miss their own shouts, AT&T is sending each participant a clip of his or her live shout, which can then be shared with the intended recipient of the message.

The campaign has received more than 200 Likes on Facebook. Granted, some of the comments take a dig at AT&T (“He has to shout because his call keeps getting dropped”), many consumers have left posts of praise. One says, “This is hilarious,” and another simply says, “I love AT&T.”

“Shout your love from the mountaintop” is a nice departure from general Cupid- and heart-themed campaigns, and it offers marketers a lesson in consumer engagement. AT&T uses humor and interactive content to directly address consumers.

While these Valentine's Day love messages are a nice way to engage AT&T users this holiday, brands might find that creating content about the latest developments in their industries is a good way to engage users year round. News updates can help make a social page look active, and a study covered by Inc. magazine shows consumers prefer to do business with brands that have active social pages.