SMBs might be creating content, but they need to use best to generate leads.

Small businesses are often looking for that secret ingredient to set themselves apart from SMBs and even give them an edge on larger corporations. However, they often find it difficult to suss out winning practices from popular strategies that have taken off because they’ve become the norm. According to recent Ascend2 data, original website content is a key ingredient for 55 percent of companies that have superior web marketing and SEO strategies.

The second most common thread was regular production. Forty-three percent of businesses with advanced practices say updating website content is one of the most effective SEO tactics that helps them reach their online advertising objectives. 

ContentLEAD previously reported that content marketing is also essential for SMBs looking to convert website traffic into offline sales. Eighty-five percent of people go online to find information about local firms before deciding whether to visit in person. Perhaps more importantly – 93 percent of these inquiries result in direct action such as phone calls, visits or sales.

While content is one of the primary contributors to small businesses’ bottom lines, it can also be one of their biggest pain points, according to Ascend2 data. Four in 10 surveyed businesses said they struggle to create original content and 34 percent find blogging difficult. To alleviate these stumbling blocks, many SMBs outsource content creation to ensure their pages are populated with articles that draw clicks and drive conversions.