Small businesses must balance costs and resources to have success with their website content.
To cast a wider net with their content marketing efforts, small businesses often use a combination of paid and organic internet marketing. Pay-per-click campaigns provide research about targeted keywords and offer more visibility for SMBs’ website content. At the same time, content helps small businesses earn better quality scores, which are a key ingredient for stronger Google AdWords efforts.
Traditionally, small businesses might have struggled to really measure how these two practices support one another. Google is clearing up that confusion with new AdWords reports that bring in data from both paid and organic content campaigns.
An Inside AdWords Blog post reports this will help companies:
  • Discover additional keywords that can drive traffic to their websites
  • Work to earn more visibility for high-value search terms
  • Measure their efforts as whole
Essentially, the two-in-one reports arm SMBs with the holistic data they need to adjust bids, keywords and budgets, depending on which SEO and PPC strategies are performing optimally or need a little help.
ContentLEAD recently published a free resource that explains how paid strategies and organic content marketing work together to drive better content ROI overall.
Download it here.