Law firm content marketing success

The game has changed for law firms hoping to build their case loads. Contentlead has reported that Americans are increasingly using search engines to find options for legal representation, with more than 22 million Americans turning to web resources. One client demonstrates that lawyers looking to bring on new case leads next year can’t ignore the power of website content.

Contentlead’s customer receives several SEO-friendly custom blog posts each week from our full-time content writers. The posts cover the latest local legal news stories that are relevant to nearby audiences in need of some legal assistance of their own. The updates both demonstrate the law firm’s expert counsel skills and invite readers to learn more about their chances in similar cases. Plus, a robust SEO keyword strategy ensures that every blog post helps the firm stand out in search.

The firm has invested in strategic content marketing, and what does it get in return? Brand awareness and more relevant web traffic.

According to Google Analytics, the firm’s organic search traffic in the eight months since launching blog content has risen more than 129 percent compared to the same period last year. This represents new site visitors discovering the firm, and carefully placed calls to action make every visit a new business opportunity.  What’s more, SEO traffic now represents a larger portion of the site’s overall traffic. More organic (unpaid!) visits give the company an option to lower spending on ad spots.

This is one legal content marketing success story, but our strategic teams help brands across industries build their web presences with content that stands out in search engines like Google and on social networks including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Contentlead has reported that content marketing is an increasingly valuable tool for all companies, with the majority of American business owners poised to get into the content game to build leads in 2013.