If you're looking to create quality content for your small business' website, you may find the answers outside of your company.

A study from MarketingProfs found that B2B marketers are expected to increase their spending and use of content marketing substantially in 2012. According to the report, content marketing accounts for more than one-quarter of B2B marketing budgets, as the value of well-developed, dynamic websites becomes more apparent every day.

MarketingProfs found that 60 percent of marketers plan to increase their budgets dedicated to content marketing. Even those keeping their spending stagnant are using content marketing aggressively with nine of 10 marketers surveyed saying their company creates original articles, blogs or newsletters aimed at driving engagement.

Seventy-nine percent of respondents use news content marketing, with 74 percent saying original social media marketing content is equally effective. With the success of news content and social, businesses are seeing improved search visibility and prospect awareness.

According to Joe Pulizzi of the Content Market Institute, businesses are uncertain of content’s true benefits to an extent. Still, they know that creating this content to improve their website can’t be a bad thing for their business.

“One of the most interesting findings was what we term the ‘confidence gap,’ in which marketers use tactics but are unsure of how effective they are,” Pulizzi said in a release.

ContentLEAD reported last month that news content marketing is a more effective tool than strictly promotional content on two fronts. Aside from growing prospect and consumer desire to see informative content, Google’s Matt Cutts said that the company’s search engine favors news content in its organic search rankings.