News content marketing campaigns can help small businesses attract more prospects.

BIA/Kelsey recently reported that local marketing campaigns are becoming a major focus of small businesses throughout the United States, eMarketer relayed. The report suggests that local marketing will increase steadily through 2016, rising to $150 billion from the $132.8 billion invested in 2011.

Shifting local marketing to the web has forced SMBs already active with internet marketing to make a few adjustments. Search and social media marketing are among the channels that most benefit from local targeting, where a custom content strategy heavy on local keywords and subject matter will likely improve visibility.

Adjusting a keyword strategy to include location-based terms and customizing industry news to deal with topics pertinent to nearby prospects will improve the appeal and accessibility of a business’ website content. In terms of social, sharing headlines that clearly indicate a local angle can help encourage traffic.

Moving quickly on local is important for SMBs, as the space becomes increasingly competitive. The study compared growth rates of local web marketing to more traditional channels and found that local will grow 13 percent in 2012. Meanwhile, direct response, print marketing and other more common channels are only expected to see 1 percent more spending.

ContentLEAD recently reported that websites with location-based URLs and keyword strategies are seeing greater search ranking for among users within their general areas.