SMBs should invest in the channels that will produce the most ROI.

Small businesses looking to improve their conversion rates and boost customer retention can improve both efforts with social media marketing. Marketing author Jen DeTracy recently published Lift Strategies: Quick Tips to Engage Customers and Elevate Profits, which analyzed the cost of poor social campaigns on different SMB goals.

According to DeTracey, 75 percent of missed conversion opportunities stem from poor engagement. Using social media marketing helps SMBs interact with prospects and clients, and it can generate more visibility and interest in the companies. Failing to develop a plan that accounts for follower engagement wastes chances to generate new leads and, ultimately, conversions 

Moreover, companies often fail to deliver web marketing content on a frequent basis, which fast-paced social media demands. That said, overly aggressive campaigns on any channel can detract from ultimate business goals by driving prospects and clients away.

Content for social can help increase prospect engagement, and SMBs can also share content via social, email and other channels to keep existing clients informed on the company and alert them to new offerings.

Small businesses that have successfully integrated content marketing into their broader web strategy have found that prospects enjoy frequent, but not excessive, outreach. ContentLEAD recently reported that 39 percent of SMBs already using Facebook marketing will increase their investment this year.