Companies that use the web to generate leads and nurture relationships with current customers may sometimes overlook email. Why? Because with all of the hype surrounding channels like social media marketing and content marketing, traditional online avenues like email get brushed to the side, despite their ability to engage audiences.

Conversions from Online MediaAccording to research from ExactTarget, 93 percent of marketers have purchased products or services because of custom content sent through email. More, consumers react in a similar manner, with 56 percent of people with smartphones and 42 percent of those without buying items due to email interactions. Brands looking to increase sales and inspire action may want to allocate more resources toward email marketing, especially when reaching out to past customers who may have remained inactive for some time.

Recently, MarketingSherpa relayed information provided by YouGov and Emailvision on the struggles associated with email marketing, which can often be mitigated through well written copy. For example, 75 percent of consumers indicate that they resent brands for bombarding them with email content and 50 percent will dismiss a brand if content uses the wrong contact name. These hardships may seem rare, but the report indicates improper email marketing strategies plague brands and prevent them from generating success.

Business owners may look at email as a secondary practice, sending messages to past and current customers similarly to how they would engage with their friends via the channel. However, companies that allocate time and resource to creating an effective email strategy, comprised of content for lead generation and nurturing, often seen high returns on their investments. ExactTarget shows recipients are willing to buy, now brands need to take the next step and figure out the actions that annoy consumers and the events that compel them to buy.