Email marketing campaigns can help businesses appeal to prospects while spending less money.

Small businesses looking to update their marketing strategy should consider assigning a portion of their direct mail budget to email marketing, as a study from AYTM Market Research found that more than 38 percent of prospects are as likely to respond to an email as they are to direct mail.

SMBs can use email marketing in the same general way that they rely on direct mail. However, the overhead costs of email campaigns are often lower, while messages can be sent more frequently to those subscribers indicating they’d like to receive more.

Email campaigns can also be more useful since more content can be included. SMBs often send email campaigns with links back to website content or social media marketing efforts that help prospects gain a better overall picture of the company. Moreover, content can be targeted to several different groups of prospects with greater ease with email marketing.

Direct mail is still a popular method for some small businesses, especially those that offer coupons with their message. However, email marketing campaigns bring valuable traffic to websites, along with providing a greater picture of what a company’s prospect base looks like.

ContentLEAD recently reported that SMBs using email marketing succeed, but they often engage in some practices that negatively impact their campaigns. Among these is the sending of unsolicited messages, which can hurt a company’s reputation and actually violates recent legislation.