Paper Source is just one of the many companies tailoring its email marketing campaigns to Valentine's Day.

Email marketing campaigns are an ideal strategy for small businesses looking to use the Valentine’s Day holiday to attract new customers. According to Elite Email, click-through rates for Valentine’s Day promotions are typically higher than they are for regular email campaigns.

Restaurants, retail shops and speciality stores use the day to provide new gift ideas or highlight values on traditional items, such as flowers and candy.

Elite Email said it has seen hotel chains and independent bed and breakfasts and inns offer packages for the night. Meanwhile, the Paper Source, a paper goods retailer with a few locations throughout the United States, got started early, sending campaigns to subscribers last week. The messages highlighted customized greeting cards for consumers to purchase for their significant others, as well as wrapping paper and other gifts items.

Some small businesses turn to discounts and exclusive offers as part of their campaigns. Others opt against discounts, choosing instead to focus on content that emphasizes how their products or services make for the creation of the perfect evening together.

Elite Email CEO Robert Burko said that the web is ideal for marketing for Valentine’s Day and other holiday gift ideas because of its speed – especially when it comes to reaching last-minute shoppers. Print marketing generally inspires customers to go to brick-and-mortar locations, while email campaigns allow users to access websites where they can purchase their items quickly.

Moreover, Elite Email said companies have seen greater ROI for new media marketing campaigns in the past and expect the trend to continue in 2012.

As February 14 fast approaches, many businesses are likely in the midst of email, search and social marketing around the holiday. Last year, ContentLEAD highlighted social media marketing campaigns aimed at Valentine’s Day, namely AT&T’s “Shout your love from the mountaintop” promotion, which allowed users to enter customized messages that would be sent to their loved ones over the phone.