SMBs don't have to worry about domain downtime hurting their SEO value.

Local restaurants using web marketing can increase awareness of their businesses by as much as 67 percent with the use email marketing, a report from the National Restaurant Association and LivingSocial found.

For restaurants, like other small businesses, the growth of the web has made it easier than ever to reach potential customers. With an integrated strategy that focuses on targeting nearby consumers, small restaurants can promote their locations and encourage existing patrons to return.

While sending regular email campaigns to those who enroll can help keep customers happy, the web is equally effective when used to attract new business. Ninety percent of respondents said an engaging website is among the best ways to appeal to new consumers, while social media marketing is a critical component of internet marketing strategies for 84 percent of participating restaurants.

Consumers seem to agree and enjoy learning about new local businesses on the web. Seventy-eight percent of responding consumers said email marketing campaigns from restaurants serve as motivation to try the location. A good experience is ultimately the best way to retain customers, but encouraging patrons to follow or Like the business on a social network can keep them engaged and coming back.

The web has helped small businesses in countless industries improve their abilities to engage customers and prospects. ContentLEAD recently highlighted the travel and hospitality industry, which has successfully leveraged prospects’ organic search activity by using SEO and content marketing.