Twitter's Mark Luckie reported that small businesses can drive visibility by following the lead of prominent publishers.

Small businesses with Twitter marketing campaigns may soon find that even prospects without tablets or smartphones Tweet and follow social content on the go, as Twitter has rolled out a new mobile site that will allow those with less capable feature phones to access the network. The new-look of Twitter Mobile brings the updates that Twitter launched late last year to its main site and mobile apps to on-the-go account holders using feature phones.

For small businesses using social media marketing, Twitter’s new presence will help bring more users to its network, which could more engagement for SMBs. With the new mobile website, the Discover tab and other tools rolled out as part of the site’s major overhaul in December will be available to feature phone users.

The Discover feature, specifically, is valuable to SMB social media marketing campaigns because it helps deliver content to users based on the activity of their followers. Articles and links shared among a Twitter user’s friends will appear in the Discover tab, which could be key to reaching new and relevant social prospects.

Many SMBs choose to share website content and other relevant links that attract website traffic through their Twitter accounts. More users accessing Twitter on the go means more potential lead generation and conversion opportunities for these small businesses.

The feature phone-friendly site comes at a good moment for business owners as it incorporates recent updates that will help spread social content. Twitter’s Discover tool received a lift last week when Twitter tweaked the signals used to amass the content to focus more on the articles relevant to a user, ContentLEAD reported. Previously, Twitter was more reliant on trending topics to serve articles and content through the Discover feature.