Every Facebook marketing campaigns is different, but these insights and statistics can be used to inform them all.

A report from Experian Hitwise suggests that small businesses should be more active on Facebook as part of social media marketing campaigns. Nine percent of all website traffic in April went to Facebook, which means actively sharing interesting content on a fan page can help SMBs appeal to their target audience.

In terms of Facebook’s actual popularity, Experian found that the site generated 229 million visits per day in the U.S. Moreover, Facebook.com URLs account for one in every five U.S. web pages views.

For SMBs, the continued growth and popularity of Facebook makes it an ideal platform for marketing. Using it to share engaging content or provide more visibility into the human side of a business can help organizations attract more prospects and expand an overall web presence.

In general, social media marketing represents a strong chance for SMBs to improve web campaigns organically. Engaging prospects and developing website content that can be shared on the channel will consistently attract new viewers who can become prospects and eventually customers.

One effective way SMBs have used social to boost their overall web visibility is by implementing Facebook sharing tools on website content. ContentLEAD recently reported that allowing a one-click option for visitors to post an interesting article, image or other kind of content to their own Facebook profile will improve a web presence.