A presence on Facebook is the most part of a social strategy for most small businesses.

Facebook recently announced “interests lists,” a new feature that allows users to curate the content they see on their accounts. Account-holders can select topics they’re interested in and subscribe to them to see the latest related content. The development might help small business social marketing gain exposure.

Small businesses using content marketing may reach more Facebook users and subsequently see improved website traffic with relevant posts. Creating articles related to an industry and sharing them on Facebook fans may result in news prospects and readers for these businesses.

While Faceook is discussing the value for large news organizations, content marketing campaigns that regularly publish relevant articles can help SMBs improve web visibility with interests lists.

Users can select broad topics, such as food or business for their lists. However, they can also be more specific or make their own lists, which is where SMBs can find more value with targeted content.

ContentLEAD recently reported that more than 152 million businesses in the United States will use Facebook for social media marketing by 2014. As the platform grows in terms of business pages and consumer accounts, its value and competitive necessity for B2B and B2C SMBs will expand accordingly.