Facebook marketing received a mobile kick recently with added control for small business owners on the go.

Businesses of all sizes using Facebook for social media marketing will soon see the rollout of Timeline, according to a report from AdAge.com. The profiles, first announced in September, were only recently launched for all users of the world’s largest social network.

AdAge said that the company will begin providing Timeline over the next few weeks, with selected ad partners making up the initial test. There is no timetable for a complete rollout as was the case with consumer profiles.

More information will likely come on February 29 at the fMC conference in New York.

Social media marketing with Facebook is among the most versatile of the social platforms, as marketers can post content in several different formats, all of which can be used directly on the website. Timeline’s main difference from previous profile formats is its focus on visual content.

Businesses leveraging news content marketing campaigns to fuel Facebook posts now have a greater motivation to use images as part of their strategy. Aside from the benefits of images when it comes to Timeline, there is evidence that pictures make content more engaging for prospects.

ContentLEAD recently reported that marketing material with visual elements boosts engagement rates. This includes the use of video as well as images on pages containing news articles or blog posts.