A presence on Facebook is the most part of a social strategy for most small businesses.

A report from Mintel and the Affinion Loyalty Group suggests that Facbook is the most frequently used platform for social media marketing campaigns. With more than 51 percent of companies naming it the most important part of their social strategy, it’s clear that the site is adding value for SMBs. Companies included in the poll said they prefer Facebook because it allows them to improve the customer experience unlike other social networks. 

The diversity of content that can be shared on Facebook gives prospects new perspectives on the small business they’ve Liked. The ability to post images, share links to articles or blog posts and create other kinds of content offers a greater look into a company for prospects. Despite social’s success for those using it, the channel has still not become a top priority for most. According to the survey, email marketing and offline channels, such as direct mail or in-person interaction, both received more support than social.

Regardless, Facebook and the social channel in general have grown rapidly in recent years, and more SMBs have made the platform a part of their strategy to boost communication with prospects and existing customers.

As Facebook becomes a more important marketing tool for companies, it is rolling out new features to help increase its utility. ContentLEAD recently highlighted a series of targeting capabilities for organic, unpaid social content that SMBs on the social network will have that include age, gender and education level.