Facebook marketing received a mobile kick recently with added control for small business owners on the go.

AT&T's Small Business Technology Poll reveals that social media marketing – Facebook marketing in particular – is increasingly a priority for SMBs. AT&T found that 41 percent of the 2,246 U.S. SMBs surveyed have a Facebook page.

The number of small businesses with a Facebook page has significantly increased year-over-year. In 2010, just 27 percent of respondents said their companies were on Facebook.

As Screenwerk.com reports, the full study reveals that 45 percent of marketers with a Facebook page believe it is an easy way to generate brand awareness for their businesses. Another 16 percent say Facebook is key to communicating with existing or prospective customers.

For 15 percent of SMB marketers, Facebook marketing is a competitive must, and nearly one in 10 say Facebook is important to generating sales (9 percent).

The AT&T respondents' logic supports the findings of an American Express OPEN SMB survey. As ContentLEAD reported, the American Express study found that 44 percent of SMBs say social marketing has boosted their businesses' exposure and increased social media use corresponds to increases in new leads. With this in mind, marketers will want to fuel their social pages with fresh, engaging content to maintain active pages.