In the past, Facebook users might have been too young to be in SMBs' target audiences, but the social marketing landscape is maturing.

Facebook announced the development of a Recommendations bar on the social network that will help users find relevant content similar to twhat they have already Liked on the website. Small businesses sharing links to website content on the platform can increase the visibility of their efforts with the Recommendations bar.

According to Facebook’s Developers blog, users can access content within the sidebar by clicking the links that appear in the bottom right portion of their screen. Moreover, the tool can be easily minimized and maximized at users’ discretion.

Any content Liked through the Recommendations bar will also appear in users’ newsfeeds – like any other content marketing material they share on the site. The primary use of the new feature is to highlight content users may not have seen otherwise.

Small businesses active on Facebook have recently received a series of new features from the company. The Scheduled Posts feature gives companies simplified control over their campaigns, and ContentLEAD highlighted rumors of a new Want button that may soon be added to the site. SMBs, especially those in ecommerce, can use the Want tool to generate positive buzz around their new products and services.