Facebook marketing received a mobile kick recently with added control for small business owners on the go.

A report from Simply Measured found that engagement on Facebook business pages has increased since the company rolled Timeline out in late February. Small business owners developing social media marketing strategies should add content accompanied by or in the form of images to their campaigns to cater to Timeline’s visual nature.

The study shows that companies using Timeline have increased their engagement per post by an average of 46 percent since the feature rolled out. Among the benefits of Timeline is its greater focus on visual content, which can help small businesses integrate new elements into their social strategies.

Frequently, SMBs using social media marketing with Facebook start by sharing posts and other less interactive content on the platform. While this can help, adding visual content to a social campaign will make pages more appealing. SMBs that integrate images and even video content into their Facebook presence have seen 65 percent greater engagement rates since Timeline, Simply Measured found.

Of the 15 companies included in the study, Simply Measured found that 12 of them have seen increased fan interaction since Timeline’s launch.

ContentLEAD recently reported on another new Facebook feature that can help SMBs – interest lists. SMBs using content marketing along with social can help position themselves as thought leaders with their fans by sharing articles and other content on their pages that may be included on these industry-specific lists.