In the past, Facebook users might have been too young to be in SMBs' target audiences, but the social marketing landscape is maturing.

All of the buzz regarding Facebook’s struggles since becoming a publicly traded company have led many consumers to wonder about the social network’s future. According to a survey from Ipsos and Reuters, 44 percent of Americans said their view of Facebook has become less favorable in the last two weeks. Moreover, 34 percent of respondents said they are spending less time on the site than they did six months ago.

While the results of this survey may cause some using Facebook for social media marketing to reconsider their options, the popularity of the platform remains strong. With more than 900 million people around the world maintaining accounts, its ability to drive traffic and improve an SMB’s visibility is unquestioned.

Ipsos and Reuters cited a pair of social marketing campaigns that, even amid the turmoil of its inflated IPO, have succeeded. Each of these efforts helped the company increase site traffic and eventual conversions. While they were nationally recognized brands, rather than small businesses, the value of relevant, engaging social content cannot be understated.

However, creating content that attracts prospects appears to be at the crux of the issue for SMBs. Many of the 34 percent who cited spending less time on Facebook said they are simply finding content on the site irrelevant or boring, whether it’s shared by friends or companies they have Liked.

ContentLEAD recently reported that developing a presence on Facebook is about content, rather than ads. Many of the site’s users said they typically ignore ads served to their Facebook page, but they enjoy seeing relevant content in their news feeds.