Website content that focuses on energy efficiency could help vendors appeal to target audiences.

Small businesses looking to appeal to consumers with content marketing should focus on demonstrating the value of their products and services. A study from AYTM Market Research suggests that consumer confidence is on a downturn, but Americans will still spend if they believe an SMB offers good value.

More than 43 percent of respondents to AYTM’s survey said they hold a “pessimistic” or “very pessimistic” view of current business conditions. As such, SMBs should creates articles, blog posts and other website content that assuages any concerns their target audience may have.

Despite expressing poor confidence, Americans have spent considerably in 2012, especially on the web. A well-rounded, integrated marketing strategy that focuses on consumers’ pain points will help SMBs sustain sales. With so many saying they hold a poor view of current economic conditions, however, the need for high-quality content that focuses on a product or service’s ability to offer value is even greater.

More than 72 percent of respondents said that their outlook affects their spending habits, so addressing their concerns is critical to success.

ContentLEAD recently reported that the travel industry has developed a strong model for successful content marketing campaigns. By focusing on the needs of its target audience, the hospitality industry has successfully boosted site traffic and web conversions.