Bing has integrated Foursquare into its social sidebar tool on SERPs.

Small businesses can improve their appeal to nearby shoppers by monitoring their presence on foursquare and encouraging customers to review them on the website. On Monday, foursquare announced it surpassed 20 million users, making the impetus for the website to be part of an SMB’s social media marketing campaign even greater.

The social check-in app has generated substantial buzz in recent months as it continues to add features to enhance its core services.

Many of the company’s users still rely on its check-in tool more than anything, and this feature has not taken a backseat to any additions. Along with the announcement of its growth, the company revealed that it has surpassed 2 billion check-ins.

Among the new features foursquare added most recently is a search portal that allows users to find nearby restaurants and other small businesses based on reviews and mentions from other users.

As patrons share reviews on the network, others can search for keywords and see nearby business reviews as they navigate their shopping routes. ContentLEAD recently reported that foursquare’s search tool is especially useful for local users because of the additions of such terms as “romantic” or “quaint,” so that users can find businesses likely to suit their moods as well as needs. As such, businesses should consider the environment they create for patrons, and they might reward user-generated content to help catch foot traffic from foursquare searchers.