Retailers sent out more emails in 2012 than ever before, showing that brands must create strategic email marketing campaigns to retain current customers and bring in prospective leads. According to a report by Responsys, the amount of emails sent by retailers increased by 19 percent in the past year. In December 2012 alone, brands sent out an average of 25 emails each to encourage recipients to buy products and services.

Email marketing isn’t a new trend, yet it continues to grow. This November, 93 percent of surveyed retailers sent out promotional messages on Cyber Monday, which shows the pervasiveness of the marketing strategy. A recent study by Blue Kangaroo found that email messages from marketers make up a significant portion of inboxes – 43 percent of adults between 18 and 64 reported that marketing messages make made up more than half of their inboxes.

In order for email marketing campaigns to be successful, brands need to warm up to the trend and create engaging and relevant custom content. An internet user’s inbox is filled with messages and promotions from many brands, making it crucial for marketers to find ways to create attention-grabbing emails. Catchy subject lines, aesthetically pleasing photos and clear copy may be a good place to start. The beginning of 2013 is a good time for small business owners, marketers and brand leaders to begin campaigns that include promotional email marketing initiatives, as brands need email to keep up.