Facebook marketing received a mobile kick recently with added control for small business owners on the go.

Facebook users are interacting with social content more frequently, but many small businesses are looking to boost campaigns with paid content on the platform. However, a report from Greenlight suggests that this may be a misstep, as consumers are more likely to interact with brands when they share content on their fan pages, rather than paying for ads on the site. 

Forty-four percent of respondents to Greenlight’s survey said that they “never” click on these ads. An additional 31 percent said they did so “rarely,” further demonstrating that these campaigns do not generate the kind of results SMBs hope for with social media marketing

Sharing website content on Facebook pages can help SMBs improve their overall visibility on the platform and the web at large. As more consumers access a page and click content, site traffic will increase, which will help small businesses lift search ranking and drive conversion.

Thirty-seven percent of respondents said that they rarely engage with brands on Facebook. This is equally troubling for SMBs using social marketing. However, 26 percent said they do so “often,” and 9 percent reportedly interact with brands “regularly.” These figures greatly outweigh ad clicks on Facebook.

ContentLEAD recently highlighted a separate study from AYTM Market Research that suggests SMBs using social media need to be sure that their content relates to their industry at all times. The survey found that consumers are frequently frustrated with social posts that are too personal or do not relate to the business’ products and services.