Google+ reportedly surpassed the 90 million user mark recently, according to CEO Larry Page.

As part of its fourth quarter earnings report, Google announced that its social network, Google+, has now surpassed 90 million users. This news comes just weeks after Google statistician Paul Allen announced that Google+’s membership was at more than 62 million, and small businesses boosting their social marketing might find relevant audiences on the burgeoning site.

The latest figures from the company may provide small businesses the impetus to make the move to Google+ marketing, and 90 million members may be the tip of the iceberg. Google CEO Larry Page expects the growth to continue throughout to 2012, as the company works to unify its search and social services into one expansive platform.

ContentLEAD recently highlighted the integration of Google+ data into Google search results. As the platform continues to grow, small businesses with a presence on it will likely gain more search engine visibility, whether they target B2C or B2B customers.

“I am super excited about the growth of … Google+, which now has 90 million users globally – well over double what I announced just three months ago,” Page said in the release. “By building a meaningful relationship with our users through Google+, we will create amazing experiences across our services.”

ContentLEAD reported on Monday that 70 percent of businesses included in a recent survey from Awareness named greater use of social media marketing as a primary goal in 2012. While this survey did not include Google+, the rapid growth of the platform is reason enough for SMBs to look into launching an account.