Google's +1 button might speaks to the rise of social search marketing.

Google has officially launched its +1 button for websites, and internet marketers who offer social-friendly content to site visitors may find this social plugin boosts SEO. The +1 button offers social recommendations directly to search results pages, and it can be added to content pages across websites via a simple code.

The search giant explains that the +1 button aims to help searchers “find [users'] recommendations when they're most useful.” Once marketers add the plugin to their content pages, users can click the button to “+1″ something the same way they might Like or tweet content. However, unlike Like and tweet data, +1 info will be presented to Google searchers directly on SERPs.

Consumers seem to appreciate social information suggesting where they should click, as evidenced by positive reviews of Bing's integration of Facebook Like data in search results. The +1 button stands to bring this info directly to Google SERPs, and internet marketers might find this particularly interesting given Google's domination of the search space.

In addition to attracting clicks, +1'ed content might help boost search rankings. Although Google has made no official statement about +1 data's SEO impact, Search Engine Land reports that the company's head of anti-spam, Matt Cutts, suggested it might become a ranking signal.

Of course, whether brands implement the +1 button or not, they should remember to keep social friendliness in mind and distribute branded content to social users to achieve optimal SEO. Google's Matt Cutts says social media marketing should be a top three SEO priority for businesses.