Users can now share links from SERPs to their Google+ accounts with the company's new Share feature.

While small businesses around the United States look to use the web to boost their marketing operations, Google is reportedly rolling out a suite aimed at making it easier for SMBs to manage their campaigns, according to the Wall Street Journal. The report suggests that the package will include different Google services aimed at making efforts well rounded and engaging.

SMBs will receive search and social media marketing tools with Google+ Local pages, which is the latest iteration of Google Places. Companies can create a page to maintain a listing on the platform, which makes it easier for the SMB to be discovered through search. Moreover, the integration with Google+ will help the social element of web marketing, as users can engage their favorite companies.

Paid search is also a part of the service with a customized version of Adwords integrated into it. Many SMBs have found that offers and discounts are quite strong in terms of drawing customers. Google Offers is included in the suite to help these organizations leverage the web and attract customers.

Other elements of the suite will help SMBs manage their relationships with their target audience and make adjustments to campaigns as necessary.

ContentLEAD recently reported that one of the greatest challenges for SMBs is the full integration of web channels to ensure that marketing content and messages are unified throughout the process. A cross-channel strategy aimed at navigating prospects through the conversion funnel is most likely to result in success for SMBs.