Google Adwords received some adjustments recently that could help SMBs use it more easily.

Small businesses hoping to either improve PPC campaigns or move into paid search will be happy to hear that Google recently announced the complete rollout of its new AdWords layout. According to a blog post from Google, streamlining its service enabled the company to make it easier for newer users to launch campaigns.

Previously, SMB owners looking to launch simple paid search efforts or research a keyword strategy as part of content marketing campaign had to navigate through a slightly complicated page. Now, those looking to launch simple campaigns will see a more efficient, lighter that page that guides them through the process with minimal distraction. For those looking to start PPC campaigns, the new design also has an intuitive feature for selecting specific types of paid search campaigns.

According to Google, those new to web marketing were among the targets of its adjustments to AdWords. In general, the company wants everyone to be able to use its AdWords tool with ease.

ContentLEAD recently reported that paid search has remained a priority for SMBs even as other channels, including SEO, have become more popular. Using paid search campaigns often help small businesses give their sites surges of traffic, while original website content to boost an organic strategy gives visitors a reason to return and convert.