Sans keyword data, SMBs must take to new content analytics reports.

More than a quarter of businesses are missing out on valuable information about their content marketing strategies, according to ContentLEAD. Coverage of a recent Econsultancy survey found that 26 percent of companies do not have a content analytics point person, which probably means they don’t have a reliable way to determine which social media channels are driving traffic back to websites and whether blog posts or news articles are generating conversions.

A recent Google Analytics Blog post announced that soon even more will be at stake. The search engine aims to provide users with in-depth information about their websites through a new user segmentation tool on its Analytics platform.

Previously, users were only able to track information about what prospects did during a single visit. Now, businesses will be able to gather data about users who return to their pages, including the pages through which they enter and leave as well as the amount of revenue they ultimately contribute.

The Google Analytics Team boasts that companies will be able to learn about “Users from a particular geographic region who arrived via a specific campaign and who used a specific technology to interact with your content.”

This extra information might provide just the incentive SMBs need to upgrade their content marketing tactics with the help of an analytics specialist.