Cyber Monday represents a major opportunity for small businesses to leverage the popularity of shopping online to boost sales.

Small businesses creating SEO campaigns are most likely to succeed when following practices outlined by Google, as the search giant’s lead in terms of total search queries held strong in October. According to Experian Hitwise, Google claimed 65.3 percent of search terms last month, with Bing-powered search accounting for 28.6 percent.

Bing search includes queries entered on both Yahoo and Bing, and the underdog search engine saw modest increases in the month. Nonetheless, Bing is still unlikely to affect Google’s massive lead in the market. Sixty-six other search engines were studied as part of the analysis with the group accounting for just 6 percent of total search activity.

For small businesses creating SEO campaigns centered on content marketing, developing a keyword strategy is critical. According to Experian, 27.2 percent of searches were for single-word terms, 23.8 percent of queries included more two words and 19.1 percent used three words when searching. This suggests that short keywords should be part of a search strategy as they are more likely to be searched.

With more small businesses beginning to develop comprehensive web strategies, implementing these best practices is critical to success. ContentLEAD recently reported that 53 percent of small businesses in Connecticut do not have active websites. Those beginning these initiatives can start strong by developing plans that include competitive keyword strategies and Google SEO.