Content marketing can help small businesses establish trust.

As part of its search adjustments in March, Google reported that it has altered ranking signals for Google News to place a greater emphasis on local news content. For SMBs creating timely content for nearby audiences, this update may help increase online visibility.

According to the company, Google News’ algorithm previously focused on giving people news content relevant to the country where the search was conducted. While users will still see articles pertaining to their countries, bringing content from their regions and cities or towns will make Google News more useful for most.

For small businesses using content marketing, developing enough high-quality, timely industry articles to warrant admission into Google News will likely help boost their web presences. This is already a less cluttered space, which makes it easier for content to be discovered, and the new update can give local businesses an edge.

While content marketing campaigns should include news articles as well as evergreen pieces aimed at providing more information to prospects, focusing on news gives businesses the chance to provide industry insights that show a company is staying on top of recent trends and developments.

News content marketing with an effective keyword strategy will drive traffic to SMBs’ websites, which is important for those looking to transform their website into an engine for web leads and conversions. ContentLEAD recently reported that companies often undervalue their web marketing campaigns by as much as 77 percent as many SEO and content efforts indirectly lead to sales.