Google's Panda updates can be safeguarded against by small businesses by creating high-quality website content.

Earlier this week, Google rolled out another update to its much-publicized Panda algorithm, which focuses on bringing users the best website content through Google search results. Through its Twitter account, the company reported that this update, Panda 3.8, will affect less than 1 percent of search queries.

For small businesses, using an SEO strategy can be a strong method of improving visibility on the web. However, often times, SEO campaigns are built using tactics aimed specifically at boosting a site up in rankings instead of building websites that offer value, which would naturally garner organic ranking lifts. With all of these updates to its algorithm, Google is looking to weed out websites that use low-quality content and link schemes to drive traffic.

ContentLEAD recently cited data from Citibank in reporting that 65 percent of SMBs plan to boost marketing efforts in the second half of 2012. With changes to SEO coming often, a content marketing plan that includes high-quality, engaging articles will help small businesses safeguard their sites against future adjustments from Google.

A strong search presence greatly improves an SMB’s visibility on the web, and SEO is especially valuable as search becomes increasingly popular. ContentLEAD highlighted data from AYTM Market Research that found 63 percent of consumers use search every day.