Make it easy for readers to share your blog posts as social media content, too.

Brian Zanghi, CEO of Awareness, said that businesses planning increased investment in social media marketing see the channel as a tool for improving lead generation. According to Zanghi, social media marketing is a priority for 70 percent of businesses in 2012, however, companies are at different stages in their campaigns.

Small businesses more practiced with social media marketing are likely to expand their investment in social, though Awareness predicts companies in the earlier stages of campaign deployment will drive most of the growth in social marketing. Overall, 64 percent of businesses currently using social media marketing will increase their spending and time commitment for social.

As part of the increased focuse on social, businesses will likely reassess their staffing situations for social media marketing. While most respondents said they have one to three people managing their various social accounts, businesses using the channel will work on their strategies to find the perfect mix for them.

Small businesses will likely look for new ways to leverage the effectiveness of social media marketing as well. ContentLEAD recently reported that SMBs not currently integrating their social campaigns with email marketing newsletters may want to reconsider. A study from GetResponse found that engagement increases 115 percent when social sharing buttons are included in email campaigns.